Ultra-fine Sediment & Oil Filter

This belt-and-braces filter captures finer sediments and hydrocarbon contamination. Perfect for dewatering in more sensitive or higher risk locations.

  • Ultra-fine filtration media (1µm)
  • Smart polymer pillow inside captures and solidifies hydrocarbons
  • Cam lock connection for higher pressure flow
  • Rugged filter built for repeated use
  • 19kg sediment / 2.5L oil capacity

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GRR 01 07 01 EVAC Ultra-fine Sediment Filter (Cam) 130 x 30cm 2.5L / 20kg 1µm 20x* 300L/min
GRR 01 07 50 EVAC Ultra-fine Sediment Filter 180 x 30cm 2.5L / 20kg 1µm 20x* 300L/min

Product Overview

When should I use a fine sediment filter?

Green Rhino Ultra-fine Sediment & Oil Filters are primarily a fine filtration product designed for more sensitive environments (e.g. SSSIs, near rivers). They will filter out sediment as small as one micron in size.

They can provide a cost-effective and quickly-deployed alternative to a settlement tank, particularly when using a Green Rhino Manifold System to harness multiple filters at once. Filters are available with a cam lock fitting for use with high pressure pumps.

Each filter will capture 20kg of sediment before needing to be emptied and can be reused up to 20 times.

These filters can also be used to capture hydrocarbon contamination. Where standing water has a surface sheen, each filter will retain 2.5L of oil and includes an integral hydrocarbon detector which turns dark blue when this capacity is reached.

Where more oil is present in the standing water, use Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillows to remove most of the contamination before dewatering.

How do I use a Green Rhino Ultra-fine Sediment & Oil Filter?

These fine sediment filters are fitted with a Cam Lock fitting to handle the higher water pressure.

Monitor the filter during dewatering. As it fills with sediment, flow rate will reduce increasing the pressure inside the filter. If the filter bag looks full, flow rate has reduced significantly, or the pump is straining, pause pumping activities and empty the filter.

Green Rhino dewatering filters are lightweight and include carrying handles for easy removal and emptying.


How does the Ultra-fine Sediment & Oil Filter capture hydrocarbons?

Our unique filter includes a smart polymer pillow which absorbs and quickly solidifies hydrocarbons in the water flow. The solidified contaminants are trapped inside the pillow permanently. These filters are significantly more effective at capturing oil-based pollutants than those using polypropylene absorbents which leak when saturated.

How long will a fine sediment filter last?

Our rugged filters are designed for multiple use in harsh conditions. Filters should be replaced:
• If the integral hydrocarbon strip turns dark blue, the hydrocarbon capacity has been reached and the filter should be replaced. Dispose of the used filter in hazardous waste.
• After repeated use, the filtration media may be blinded. You can extend the life of filters by cleaning the inside with a hose in between uses.

How should used filters be disposed of?

If the filter has only been used to capture sediment, it can be disposed of in general waste. If it has been used to capture hydrocarbons, or if you are unsure, it should be disposed of in hazardous waste.

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