Oil & Sediment Filter

This rugged sediment filter will also absorb light hydrocarbon contamination. Use it after cleaning contaminated water or when there is a small risk of contamination whilst working (e.g. with oil filled cables).

  • More cost-effective than vacuum tankers or settlement tanks
  • Sediment removed to Environment Agency accepted levels (150µm)
  • Reduce the risk of discharging contaminated water
  • 20kg sediment capacity
  • Rugged filter designed for repeated use

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GRR 01 00 01 OILS Oil & Sediment Filter 150 x 35cm 2.5L / 20kg 150µm 20x* 300L/min

Product Overview

When should I use an Oil & Sediment filter?

This is primarily a sediment filter which will also capture light hydrocarbon contamination. However, when dewatering excavations which are contaminated with hydrocarbons, we strongly recommend that Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillows are used to soak up the sheen first. The Oil & Sediment Filter will capture any residual contamination. When the integral hydrocarbon detection strip turns dark blue, it is time to change the filter.

Why are Green Rhino Oil & Sediment Filters better than other filters?

Customers tell us that our oil & sediment filters are more robust than other brands and consequently last longer. Constructed from a layered system of nylon monofilament for capturing sediment particles down to 150µm, and a PVC nylon outer sleeve tested for tensile strength and durability, this rugged silt bag is built to handle repeated use in harsh conditions.

Reusability makes our filters extremely cost-effective. We state that filters can be reused up to 20 times but you may get more or less usage out of them depending on the geology of the sediment being filtered.

Green Rhino Sediment Filters also include the following features:

  • Integral hydrocarbon detector alerts you to oil-based contaminants
  • Lifting straps for safe and easy handling
  • Highly visible colour to avoid trips

For higher volume dewatering jobs where you might ordinarily hire a settlement tank, consider using a Green Rhino Manifold to harness up to eight sediment filters at once.


What size pump can a Green Rhino Oil & Sediment filter be used with?

Filters are designed to be used with a 2” pump. If you need greater throughput, consider using a Green Rhino Manifold to harness four, six or eight filters at once. Manifolds are available with 4” or 6” connectors.

How does the Oil & Sediment filter attach to the discharge hose?

Use the reusable cable ties provided with the dewatering filter. Tighten two around the collar of the filter to around 2/3rd the width of the hose. If pressure builds inside the filter, these are designed to break and release the pressure before damaging the filter. For this reason, do not use other methods such as chains or rope to secure the filter. If you have problems with filters becoming regularly detached then the flow rate is too high and/or you are not emptying the filter when full. If the flow rate is too high, consider using a Green Rhino Manifold to increase throughout.

How will I know when the Oil & Sediment Filter is full?

Sediment or silt filters need to be monitored. As the filter bag fills, flow rate will gradually decrease and the filter will look visibly full. Before the bag gets too full, pumping should be paused and the filter emptied. Refit the filter and commence pumping again. If the filter is left unmonitored there is a risk that the pressure will build and the hose will become detached. The reusable cable ties – provided for securing the filter to the discharge hose – are designed to break before the filter bursts. In between jobs, use a hose to wash the inside of the filter to prolong its lifespan.
If the integral hydrocarbon detection strip turns dark blue, hydrocarbon capacity has been reached and the filter should be replaced.

How should used Oil & Sediment Filters be disposed of?

If the filter has only been used to capture sediment, it can be disposed of in general waste. If it has been used to capture hydrocarbons, or if you are unsure, it should be disposed of in hazardous waste.

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