Manifold Filtration System

The Green Rhino Manifold bridges the gap between a sediment filter and a settlement tank. It enables you to harness up to eight sediment filters for high-volume dewatering.

  • Delivers the flow rates and filtration of a settlement tank
  • Save £££s on settlement tank hire
  • 4, 6 or 8 filter configuration
  • Fast, easy deployment
  • Store & reuse

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GRR 99 01 04 MSYS Manifold – 4 filters / 4” Bauer fitting 98 x 111cm 1200-3200L/min
GRR 99 01 06 MSYS Manifold – 6 filters / 4” Bauer fitting 148 x 111cm 1800-4800L/min
GRR 99 01 08 MSYS Manifold – 8 filters / 6” Bauer fitting 198 x 111cm 2400-6400L/min

Product Overview

Quick and easy to deploy Manifold Filtration System

  • Manifold is delivered pre-assembled. Filters must be purchased separately.
  • Attach the Manifold to the discharge hose. Manifold is supplied with a 4” or 6” Bauer connector.
  • Each filter takes less than a minute to attach using the reusable cable ties supplied.
  • When filters are full, simply undo the cable ties, empty the filters onto a spoil heap and then reattach.
  • Filters can be emptied and reused up to 20 times or until flow rate has significantly reduced. You can prolong the life of filters by washing the inside with a hose in between uses.
  • Changing each filter should take less than two minutes.


Which Green Rhino Sediment Filters can be used with the Manifold?

Our Sediment Filter, XL Sediment Filter and Ultra-fine Sediment & Oil Filter are all suitable for use with the Manifold.

What is the flow rate and filtration capacity of the Manifold?

Flow rates and filtration capacities are determined by the number and type of filters used with the Manifold. See the table below:

4 Gang Sediment Filters Up to 108m3 / hr 1,600kg / 1.6t
6 Gang Sediment Filters Up to 162m3 / hr 2,400kg / 2.4t
8 Gang Sediment Filters Up to 216m3 / hr 3,200kg / 3.2t
4 Gang XL Sediment Filters Up to 192m3 / hr 3,200kg / 3.2t
6 Gang XL Sediment Filters Up to 288m3 / hr 4,800kg / 4.8t
8 Gang XL Sediment Filters Up to 384m3 / hr 6,400kg / 6.4t
4 Gang Ultra-fine Sediment Filters Up to 76m3 / hr 1,600kg / 1.6t
6 Gang Ultra-fine Sediment Filters Up to 114m3 / hr 2,400kg / 2.4t
8 Gang Ultra-fine Sediment Filters Up to 152m3 / hr 3,200kg / 3.2t
*Each filter emptied and reused 20 times

“The system worked perfectly. The whole system costs around 75% less than settlement tank hire for the period and could be reused on other projects.”

Site Manager, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure