Oil Retention Booms

Our unique booms don’t just absorb hydrocarbon spills, they neutralise them permanently. Smart polymers inside the boom turn liquid spills into a non-leaching solid. Consequently, these booms will not leak when saturated unlike other oil booms. Better for the environment and cleaner for workers.

  • Stop spills dead in their tracks – no leakage when saturated
  • Turn liquid hydrocarbons into a less hazardous solid
  • Water can be wrung out of wet booms reducing waste.
  • Fully loaded booms create a solid barrier which prevents the spill spreading
  • Use on land or water

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GRR 02 80 01 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 1m 100 x 4.5cm Up to 1.6L oil
GRR 02 80 02 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 2m 200 x 4.5cm Up to 3.2L oil
GRR 02 80 03 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 3m 300 x 4.5cm Up to 4.8L oil
GRR 02 80 04 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 4m 400 x 4.5cm Up to 6.4L oil
GRR 02 80 05 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 5m 500 x 4.5cm Up to 8.0L oil
GRR 02 80 06 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 6m 600 x 4.5cm Up to 9.6L oil
GRR 02 80 07 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 7m 700 x 4.5cm Up to 11.2L oil
GRR 02 80 08 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 8m 800 x 4.5cm Up to 12.8L oil
GRR 02 80 12 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 12m 1200 x 4.5cm Up to 19.2L oil
GRR 02 80 15 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 15m 1500 x 4.5cm Up to 24.0L oil
GRR 02 80 30 BOOM Quick Deployment Boom – 30m 3000 x 4.5cm Up to 48.0L oil
GRR 02 82 01 BOOM Marine Boom – 1m 100 x 7.75cm Up to 3.2L oil
GRR 02 82 02 BOOM Marine Boom – 2m 200 x 7.75cm Up to 6.4L oil
GRR 02 82 03 BOOM Marine Boom – 3m 300 x 7.75cm Up to 9.6L oil
GRR 02 82 04 BOOM Marine Boom – 4m 400 x 7.75cm Up to 12.8L oil
GRR 02 82 05 BOOM Marine Boom – 5m 500 x 7.75cm Up to 16.0L oil
GRR 02 82 06 BOOM Marine Boom – 6m 600 x 7.75cm Up to 19.2L oil
GRR 02 82 07 BOOM Marine Boom – 7m 700 x 7.75cm Up to 22.4L oil
GRR 02 82 08 BOOM Marine Boom – 8m 800 x 7.75cm Up to 25.6L oil

Product Overview

What are oil absorbent booms for?

Oil absorbent booms are used to prevent the spread of a hydrocarbon spill. They can be used on land or on water and can be deployed reactively or proactively. They may be used to absorb a small spill entirely or for containment so that other materials like Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillows can be used to soak up a larger volume of liquid.

Common scenarios include:

  • Around a hydrocarbon spill on a non-porous surface (e.g. warehouse floor)
  • Around a surface water drain to protect against accidental spills
  • Across waterways downstream from or around construction works
  • Around outlet pipes that might contain hydrocarbon contaminants

Why are smart polymer booms better than other oil spill booms?

Traditional oil absorbent booms contain an oleophilic sponge-like material which absorbs liquid hydrocarbons. Sponges leak when saturated, even oleophilic sponges. This is obvious when you lift up a saturated boom: hydrocarbons or oily water drains out, recontaminating the environment and making a mess of workers clothing if you are not careful.

Green Rhino’s unique Oil Retention Booms use smart polymers to absorb and solidify hydrocarbons. There is no liquid to leak out again. When all the smart polymer has been activated, the boom becomes a solid barrier which contains any remaining spill. Unlike other absorbent booms for water, the captured hydrocarbons can not be flushed out by the flow.

Green Rhino Oil Retention Booms are effective with a range of hydrocarbons including petrol, diesel, motor oil and hydraulic fluids.

How to use a Green Rhino Oil Retention Boom

Choose a boom large enough for the spill or for the area you wish to protect.

On land, use a Green Rhino Quick Response Boom and place it around the spill. You can overlap booms to create a longer barrier. If there is a direction of flow, use the boom to cut this off.

On water, use a Green Rhino Marine Boom and position it downstream from or around the source of pollutants. You can tether marine booms together to achieve the required length of barrier.

If the boom becomes saturated before a spill has been completely absorbed, place a fresh boom on the outside of the spent boom before removing it. This will enable you to wring out the water and any excess hydrocarbons safely reducing the volume of waste you need to dispose of.

Additionally, consider using Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillows on the surface of the spill to soak up the majority of the pollutants and to prolong the life of the boom.

When booms have reached capacity they should be disposed of in hazardous waste. Part-activated booms can be stored for reuse.


What is the difference between land and marine oil booms?

Marine booms are generally thicker and include straps for tethering booms together. Green Rhino Oil Retention Booms are available in a range of lengths and can be joined together to from a barrier of any length.

Can Oil Retention Booms be used on flowing water?

Oil booms that use smart polymers can be used on flowing water because there are no liquid hydrocarbons inside the boom to be flushed out by the flow of water.

Will the smart polymers pollute the water?

No, smart polymers do not react with water in any way and are fully contained inside the boom.

How do I dispose of a used Oil Retention Boom?

Used booms should be disposed of in a hazardous waste bin just like any other spill clean-up product. Before you dispose of a boom, however, check to see if it has been fully activated along its length. Booms can be reused until full capacity has been reached. If the boom has been used on water, or in wet weather, wring out the water before storage – no pollutants will leak out.