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    Product News

    Our product packaging is now 100% recyclable

    It is important to us to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. Reducing waste through recycling and a commitment to the circular economy are key to our mission as a business focused on pollution prevention.

    This is not without its pitfalls; a lot of green-washing goes on around sustainability and recycling. However, it has to be better to reuse as much product as we can instead of using virgin resources to create new materials.

    An important consideration is how much waste our products create for you. Since October 2023, all of our product packaging has been recyclable.

    • The majority of products are packed in paper and cardboard, much of it already recycled.
    • Boxes are sealed with a recyclable paper-based tape.
    • Pallets are wrapped in a recycled and recyclable clingfilm.
    • All remaining products are wrapped in compostable bags.

    We continue to review all packaging materials to ensure maximum sustainability.