How do I use a Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillow?

Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillows use smart polymers to absorb and solidify hydrocarbons, locking them inside. Use them to absorb existing contamination in standing water or add them to a bund or tank in case of contamination.

Our smart polymer pillows are designed to work with a range of hydrocarbons including diesel, petrol, engine oil, lubricants and hydraulic fluids. The less viscous the hydrocarbon (e.g. diesel) the quicker the solidification process.

To clean up contamination:

  1. Place the pillow on the surface of the contaminated water. You may need more than one pillow to capture the entire spill. Green Rhino pillows are available with 1L, 4L and 16L capacities.
  2. Once in the water, it may help to move the pillow about to absorb the contamination. You will see/feel the polymer inside the pillow harden. You can squeeze and manipulate the pillow with your hands to ensure that all the smart polymer comes into contact with  the contaminants. We recommend you wear protective gloves to keep your hands clean; the smart polymers are harmless.
  3. Make sure the pillow has absorbed the entire spill. If not, add more pillows until there is no sheen left on the surface of the water or an Oil Detection Strip indicates that the water is clean.
  4. Once you believe the spill has been fully absorbed, lift the pillow(s) out and squeeze out the water. Only clean water should drain out. If not, use another Pillow to clean up the remaining contamination.
  5. Dispose of used pillows in a designated COSHH bin. If a pillow still contains some loose polymer, you can store it for reuse.

If you are going to be pumping the cleaned water into the environment, consider using Green Rhino Dewatering Filters. You may also be interested in our Best Practice Guide to Dewatering Excavations.