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    Case Studies

    Esh Construction: Using EnviroPad Boosts Environmental Credentials

    Extract from: Green Rhino Case Study, Esh Construction (2017)

    Pollution Prevention

    A key element of our strategy is environmental protection and our site operatives are briefed in the relationship between a pollution source, pathway and a receptor. This is included in our ISO 14001 procedure covering pollution prevention, and in our site manager’s guidance on silt management.

    The Green Rhino EnviroPad helps Esh Construction contain any potential oil leakage from mobile plant and equipment, breaking the link between source, pathway and receptor. The key benefit of the EnviroPad is the polymer technology, which captures the hydrocarbons contained in oil, reducing the risk of oily water spilling into a watercourse or surface water drains. Previously, the systems we used [Plant Nappy] did not capture the hydrocarbons, so although the oil is contained there is still a risk of a pollution incident if the water can escape.

    As a framework contractor for the Environment Agency, Esh Construction need to be demonstrating best practice relating to pollution prevention, which can be evidenced by using the Green Rhino EnviroPad – a visible sign to external auditors that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.