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    Case Studies

    Case Study – Oil Removal Cartridges Deliver Significant Cost Savings for Independent Connection Provider

    Our customer, an independent connections provider, was seeking a solution to transformer bund drainage and oil filtration for a site. The traditional bund water pumps they used for transformer bunds were considered a large expense for what was intrinsically a low risk scenario. Expensive not just in terms of purchase price and installation costs but also the ongoing maintenance of the pumps.

    The project manager looked around for a solution and found Green Rhino’s DrainEezy Bund Filters.

    Green Rhino’s DrainEezy Bund Filters are fitted to a simple bund outflow. Rainwater is allowed to drain freely while smart polymers inside the chassis filter out any transformer oil that has leaked into the bund water. In the event of a catastrophic breach, the polymers seal the filter before any leakage can occur. There are no moving parts and no power requirements.

    According to the project manager:

    ‘The filters looked ideal because they were significantly cheaper than the pumps and very simple to install. At the Battery Storage Site, where we installed nine transformers on five bunds, using the DrainEezy Bund Filters provided us a great alternative to the traditional pumps with a significant saving.’

    ‘There was a lot of internal debate about using the filters because the pumps have an oil detector which provides a remote warning system in event of a leak. However, if there was a large oil leakage the transformers themselves have a low oil warning and the bunds have a backup interceptor with and oil alarm’

    ‘The transformers are well maintained so we don’t expect leakage of oil. The transformers also use ester oil so if there was small leak it would break down in the aggregate inside the bund within a couple of days. The filters offer a simple solution to bund retention and limit the risk of returning for blocked pumps and electrical failures.’

    ‘Once we were confident in using the filters, we submitted the plans to the Environment Agency who gave it their stamp of approval. For low-risk sites, the DrainEezy Bund Filters are a game changer. We expect to use a lot more of them in future.’